Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to Register at Clixsense


Offer of Clixsense: 

1. $ 0.01 per click and $ 0005 per Referral Click
2. The min payout $ 6
3. reliable since 2007
4. The best PTC in the world

How to Apply Clixsense:

1. Click here to facilitate registration ==> Clicsense
2. refer to the table that is on in the article  Clicsense Signup for FREE and start earning

3. The contents of the format:
- First name (your first name)
- Last Name: (your last name)
- Email: (note: the original must have a yahoo email you/ gmail account)
- Confirm Email: (same as above, simply type the email you typed earlier)
- Password, and Confirm password (your password)
- Username: (your ID)

4. and press Signup
ok. . registration finished. *****

stay one step further, open your email and open the mail from clixsense and click on the link and register your 100% finiished.


How to play / Tutorials her:

1. After logging into clixsense, click  View Ads. Then you will see the ad to be clicked.

2.. click on the ad, and wait a few moments.

3. This will bring up a command such as click-to-click on the image below (click on the picture of "CAT".

4. then there is the timer, if the timer is up. . then the money will automatically be sent to your account ^^)

and can deh money. Diligent click-click advertising there. the more you get a lot of clicks an ad. the more you can a lot of money :)

The minimum payout is $ 6. If it reaches $ 6, then itâ can transfer dollars via PayPal. Paypal serves as a virtual account internet.bila pal in the world do not have please register here
we also can upgrade to a premium account. Due to be premium, then the ads that appear will be a lot and also serves as its advertising prices high. so it would be more complete if we also combine this with NeoBux clixsense that I will post.

all right. . so the info from me and hopefully this page useful for you all. Final word .. I thank you for your attention and I apologize if there is one in this post.

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